Thursday, June 13, 2013

Zeus & Athena

These two are not the classical Greek myth characters.  They are two adorable dogs that need a special family. 



 These two family friendly, dog friendly, stranger friendly, barely hear a bark out of them dogs need each other and need a special family. 

Their issue?  They are both deaf.  So you can call their names out but they are not going to turn around and look at you.  They are going through some training and understand several hand signals.  They are very bright and quick learners.  It'll be easy to fine tune their level of understanding. 

They are a tightly bonded pair and will be adopted together. 

The pluses about these dogs?  They are loving like the most loving golden retriever.  They are gentle and they love to lean on you when you hang with them.  They are so sweet in nature and because they can't hear, they don't seem to bark.  At least they didn't bark at all while I was there for over an hour.  Amazing because every dog was barking!  They would be loyal friends and the neighborhood would love them too!

Here are some more pictures of these two sweet dogs. 

 Are you that special person that can take them home? 

Adopt love today at the Lexington Humane Society!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fostering Can Be The Perfect Fit

Fostering... I hadn't thought too much about it until my cat's vet started to foster for the Lexington Humane Society. 

It's a great fit for my vet - the Lexington Hospital For Cats!  They get a group of kittens to foster for 2 to 8 weeks, essentially until they are big enough to be spayed/neutered and adopted out.  They feed and keep the litter box for the kittens in a huge kitty crate with all sorts of hang outs for them.

For me it's the best stress reliever at a doctor's office!  I can't wait to see their cute kittens each time I have to pick up medications or bring my own cat for an appointment.  If I have to wait, I spend my time playing with them and the wait seems like no wait at all!  Just look at these cute faces!!

Some of the hospitals clients have fallen in love and have pre-adopted one of the cuties.  As soon as they are big/old enough and spayed/neutered they can leave their foster care and go home with you.  Simple as that!

The Lexington Hospital for Cats is into their 4th group of foster kittens.  Dr. Mills has even adopted one from their second foster group.

It's easy to fall in love with them and once they hang around you for awhile you get to know their personalities.  Just ask the staff at the Lexington Hospital for Cats about the kittens.  They can tell you all about each kitten in great detail and the kitten pranks they play on each other.  I'm sure the staff enjoys having them in their office as much as I enjoy visiting their office with the kittens. 

The Lexington Humane Society has an informative page on their website that explains everything about fostering their animals.  It's flexible, it can be fun and what a treat it would be to come home after work to cute babies!!  Here is the link to learn more about fostering for the Lexington Humane Society:  Foster Care

Think about fostering and help the animals at the Lexington Humane Society!  Thank you Lexington Hospital for Cats for all you do for the animals too!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Smile of A Dog

There's nothing like seeing a dog smile! Here are a few big smiles waiting to be adopted at the Lexington Humane Society.

Raleigh: American Bulldog mix about 1 yr old with beautiful smiling eyes!

Have you ever seen ears smile?!  Gustas McCrae has great big smiling ears and he has his best girl friend Jacie Mae.  They are very bonded and need to be adopted together.  Both are around 4 yrs old and full of good manners.  You'll just want to hug them both!!

Spanky - a boxer/pit bull mix with a love of life that is like no other!  Super happy boy and wants to smother you with doggy kisses.  Can you keep up with his enthusiasm?! 

Check out more smiles at the Lexington Humane Society and adopt love today!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Wild About Cats!

The UK Wildcats are the #1 seed for the NCAA Basketball Tournament and the Lexington Humane Society has the spirit!  March is their "Wild About Cats" month where certain kitties have a mere $19 adoption fee!  There are discounts on the "Wild About Cats" clothing so everyone can show off their spirit and support the LHS!  Also, each day, a local celebrity is featured wearing their Wild About Cats clothing while holding one of the many adoptable kitties at the Lexington Humane Society.  C'mon and join in the fun!

Matt and I took a look at the adoptable kitties.

Here are a few we were wild about: 

First is the lap loving, loud purring, Gillie.  Gillie is all ready to hang out with you while you cheer on the Big Blue to victory!  Gillie is a 1 yr old female tabby with beautiful green eyes. 

Next is Sylvia.  She's a 2 yr old domestic short hair with the coolest, funkiest, fun coloring called tortoise shell.  It's like a brindle/calico mix but without any white.  She has her party outfit on and is ready to hang out with a family.  Beware, she purrs often and loudly!  Her purring goes right along with her happy go lucky attitude.

Finally is the ever playful Riley.  Riley is a female domestic short hair black cat with some flecks of white fur mixed in.  She is 2 yrs old and has been at the LHS since 4/11.  She's more than ready to chase the bouncing ball around your home and entertain you with her antics and athleticism.  That is, after she makes herself look purrrrfect...

Join the Lexington Humane Society and show off your Wild About Cats!  Adopt Love today


Friday, February 3, 2012

Will You Be MIne?

Meet Baby..
She's a 1 yr old hound mix with a big heart.  She had a tough start in life when she came to the Lexington Humane Society with a bad case of mange at the age of 3 months.  She is fully recovered and continues to do her part in being a good citizen.  She passed her obedience training through the Blackburn Correctional Facility program and now she's ready to find her perfect home.  She has been at the LHS for almost a year and is anxious to show a family what a good contributor she can be to family life. 

She can be a great comedian and a good listener for you.  She wants to be your something special.

Dogs aren't the only ones looking for good homes.

Meet Orchid!  Orchid is a pudgy fun loving casual female kitty.  She's about 1 1/2 yrs old and came to the LHS as a stray.  We found her in her cage laying on her back with all four paws in the air.  She was relaxed and without a care in the world.  

Juicy Juice is another friendly feline looking for a home.  She's about 3 1/2 yrs old.  She loves a good warm lap to nestle into.   She was a little overwhelmed by us at first but soon the purring motor was turned on full force.

These are only a few of the beautiful animals looking for their forever homes.  This Valentines Day - won't you consider Adopting Love at the Lexington Humane Society.